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The Importance of Reading Books

3Although technology has taken over most of our learning tools, like writing by hand to computer keyboards, reading remains to be an essential tool for student learning. It is very unlikely these days that you find a child holding a children book in their hands whenever they are not inside the classroom. Oftentimes, you see them staring at the television, watching their favorites shows for educational purposes or even just for entertainment. reading books has become an unpopular activity. A stack of kids book is often found gathering dusts on a bookshelf inside their bedrooms.

They are no longer accustomed to having a reading time like most of their parents did when they were younger. But parents have a very important role in keeping this book reading habit injected to a child’s regular learning process. It is surely not sufficient for parents to give their kid a children book but it is also their responsibility that kids read them.

Reading books to kids has several benefits on the kids’ emotional and intellectual development. Several advantages are also discussed below:

Letter Recognition
When you read with a child and they see the letters and the sounds formed when you say the words, they can easily associate these two which start the letter recognition of children. Reading to kids allows them to better recognize the words as a whole when you utter them. Eventually, when they read on their own, they will remember how you said them and can pronounce the words properly. And even without the sounds or reading out loud, the kids will learn to read the books on their own mimicking the sounds consciously but in silence.

Better Comprehension
Book reading also improves a child’s comprehension. Reading to kids is very important so as parents you must find time with your kid reading a kids book. As the stories unfold from one chapter to the next, you will see the excitement from your kid’s eyes and they will not only understand what the letters or words meant but they will soon be able to comprehend the meaning of the sentences and the story itself on their own. Book reading will be a fun way for them to spend more time with you.

Increased Vocabulary
Children book follow categories written on their cover especially for elementary students. They have sections for toddlers, for pre-schoolers etc. As they read more kids book, they learn more words and they can improve their vocabulary.

Reading Habit
Reading to kids creates the habit of reading. If you start at an early age, the kids will value the art of reading. As parents, this should be part of their weekly bonding with their children. Having bedtime stories may seem too traditional nowadays but if the kids like this type of reading session, then continue to do so until they can read on their own.

4Children book is available in many bookstores and can be borrowed from public libraries. There are a lot of good themes and topics that your kids might be interested in. Finding the right kids book for your child means knowing what they are excited about and what themes are suitable for their age.

Reading Books Online

Young woman lying on grass reading book.

Online book reading is a great way to enhance and increase one’s knowledge. With just few clicks of one can get what they exactly wants and on top of that, you can do it from anywhere. Everything is becoming digital today and one can get the necessary books or content on the internet with much ease – no need to browse catalogues in mammoth structures or wait in the queue to get to the book you like anymore! Though traditional methods of learning and paperback printed books are still used, technology has revolutionized the reading as well as learning experiences.

Reading books online is very simple as there are lots of online libraries in the web offering numerous educational books, story books, novels and books for kids. Many books can be found in PDF formats, and few libraries offer books for free. Some of the books cannot be downloaded, but those books can be read online. Why download something and make it readable only at one place when you can read books online from anywhere and at anytime?

Advantages of reading books online

There are lots of advantages in reading online books. Following are some of the advantages:

1. Comfort
You can comfortably switch between pages and it is suitable for night reading. As eReaders used for reading ebooks have in-built lighting features.

2. Ease of use
Almost everyone has a smart phone or a tablet today. They can read books online anywhere, anytime provided there is an internet connection.

3. Affordable
Online books are cheaper than the regular books, and this helps students and other people to buy two online books for the rate of one regular traditional book.

4. Free books
Today one can read the book online for free and many classics, novels are available for free on the internet.

5. Easy storage
The ebooks can be stored in laptops, palmtops or your mobile phones, so you can read it while travelling or during leisure time.

6. Privacy
Privacy is an attractive advantage of online reading. When you own a bookshelf, you can upload the content and maintain your privacy within your bookshelf. Others cannot use your content or view your books. Additionally, you may grant conditional access to a few people that you wish to share the content with.

7. Copyright Protection
When you upload your original content online, you can own a €copyright’ for it. This protects others from using your content and misusing the same. Tracking views and providing security is easily possible and this avoids copyright violations to a large extent in a seamless fashion as compared to traditional media.
Students are the ones who get hugely benefitted by online books.

2There are many portals that offer educational books for various disciplines of study like medicine, engineering, law, management courses and many more. Some portals allow interesting and useful options like becoming a member in their website and using the books for free or buying it at lower costs, etc. A few portals allow their users to manage their eLibrary that can be accessed whenever they want! On the whole reading books online gives the users a new reading and learning experience while also attracting the non-users to switch to online reading.